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The investment community has been dominated by commission driven salesmen for over a century. While the shift to fee-based investment management is currently underway in America, JB Meridian Advisors has been ahead of the curve in providing our clients objective fee-only investment management since our incorporation in 2010. Remarkably, many underlying investment management deficiencies present in the industry for decades, still exist today.

Salesmen and women continue to peddle products that generate high commissions without the care and diligence required to create a plan for investment success and without much attention paid to risk management.  Additionally, the recent push to drive brokers into the fee-based side of investment management has led to an explosion of investing into index tracking, “low-cost” exchange-traded funds or ETFs. While this approach may look appealing at first, we believe our clients look to achieve returns better than broad market indices in both expansionary and contractionary economic cycles.

Both “sales-based” and “ETF-only” approaches to investment management can bypass some of the most important and fundamental aspects of investing in our opinion: expense reduction, risk management and objective asset allocation tailored to each individual investor’s profile.