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We begin each client relationship at JB Meridian Advisors with one simple goal, to be OBJECTIVE. With no monetary interest in selling specific investments to derive a commission, we have the ability to objectively select investments and fund managers that have outperformed peers in each asset class and with a specific focus on minimizing risk exposure for the portfolio as a whole.

“At JB Meridian, instituting a diligent and objective process to arrive at a personally tailored financial plan is the focal point of our company mission for each and every client.”
Jack A. Kennedy, Owner & Chief Investment Officer

We proceed through the advisory relationship with the ambition of being completely RELIABLE for our clients; from creating a specific risk-adjusted investment allocation for each client, to picking investments that are leaders in their class, to being available to answer questions when a client calls, JB Meridian is COMMITED to exceeding your expectations.

“Having the commitment of your advisor to do what’s in your best interest is of utmost importance to our firm.”
Jack A. Kennedy, Owner & Chief Investment Officer