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Putting the best interest of our clients first is the principal and overriding determination for each financial decision made on behalf of our clients and specifically when choosing investments to be included in portfolios. Our culture of integrity is defined by the character of the advisors that make each recommendation to our clients. Our advisors are students of investing, continually researching investments to add value to your portfolio, updating sell stops to protect downside risk, which can translate into positive investment rate of return.

  • The increasing complexity of financial markets requires sound strategy and rigorous due diligence to capitalize on opportunities.
  • Our simple fee-only platform never charges commissions on investment products and provides the highest degree of transparency.
  • If assets are allocated to a mutual fund, we feel it will outperform its corresponding benchmark index and its peers. 
  • The principle for each investment added to your portfolio originates from the question: "Will the investment grow the portfolio, add diversification and minimize portfolio volatility?"

Benefits & Features

Leveraging the size and scope of Scottrade’s custodial services has allowed JB Meridian Advisors to bring what we consider the highest quality advisory services platform available to our clients. With some of the lowest and most competitive pricing in the industry, JB Meridian can service its clients while focusing on what matters most, growing the accounts we manage to meet their investment goals.

Features that accompany your JB Meridian account, with custody at Scottrade:

  • No Fee IRAs
  • No Transfer Fees
  • No Inactivity Fees
  • No Maintenance Fees
  • Low Cost Transaction Fees
  • Systematic Investing with Auto-Rebalance
  • Mobile Smartphone Account Access
  • Securities Investor Protection Corporation protection with excess investment account protection of $24MM for securities and $1MM in cash
  • Free Equity Reports from Thomson/Reuters, Standard & Poors and Lipper Leader Rankings of mutual funds
  • Robust Research Tools & Powerful Investment Screeners
  • Free Checking