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Our privacy policy applies to all consumers who have a relationship with JB Meridian Advisors, LLC.

At JB Meridian Advisors, we believe that protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information is a priority. The nature of our business requires that we collect nonpublic personal information about you. This non public information may include your social security number, date of birth, income, assets, investment preferences, account number and balance, account transaction history, and other financial and personal information. This information is provided by you the client on items such as applications or other forms as well as communications between you or your authorized representatives (such as your attorney, accountant, etc.). Information may also be gathered during the day to day processing of your accounts with us and the transactions in those accounts.

We do not disclose to any nonaffiliated third party any nonpublic personal information about you whether or not you are a current client or former client without your authorization, except as permitted or required by law or in direct response to inquiries from governmental authorities.

We sometimes disclose a portion of the information we collect about you under the following circumstances: to help verify or complete a transaction for your account; to a third party who performs functions on behalf of JB Meridian, such as our custodian; to comply with laws, regulations, or a court or government order or request, such as in response to a subpoena or a request by the SEC or the Florida Department of Financial Services; to help verify the existence and condition of your account for a third party, such as another financial institution; to verify the accuracy of information that you have provided to us; or, if you or any authorized person on the account gives us written permission to do so. We restrict access to your private nonpublic information to ensure that your information is adequately safeguarded. We use a number security features not only on our computer systems but at our physical location as well.

If, at any time in the Mure, it is necessary to disclose any of your personal information in a way that differs with this policy, we will give you advance notice of the proposed change and request your permission to do so. Under those circumstances, you would have the right to "opt-out" of our disclosing that information.



This privacy policy is subject to change. Upon the occurrence of a change, you will be informed in accordance with applicable laws. Additionally, you will be provided with our privacy policy annually.